Sprache / Language: German


Reengineering or reverse engineering means to us:

  • The geometric capture

  • Evaluation and

  • Creation of documentation for components and assemblies.

Reengineering provides 3D records as a basis for documentation, production documents and other documents required for further development of the product.

The accuracy of the 3D scan can be decided by you based on your needs.

The derivation of the 3D data record is generated from the measurement data whose accuracy is superior to that obtained from manual measurement procedures.

Any complex geometric shape and free-form surface can be captured in this way.

Special software modules support the interpretation of the scanned data record. The software recognises the rule geometry and allow for example the relationship between components to be derived for the measurement data. The software automation means that it is quicker than doing the same with manual analysis of measurement data.

3D scan records can be processed that:

  • The CyWo team had captured

  • Were completed for you by others

  • You have done yourself