Sprache / Language: German

3D-scan / 3D-measurement

3D scanning is used for the three dimensional optical measurement of the surface of the objects.

The measurement provides coordinates in space in three dimensions and shows the position of every captured point on the surface. By measuring the object from a number of directions it is possible to map the whole object. The object can be shown on the screen and spatially rotated.

Every scan captures many measurement points. The image of the object can be visualised as a cloud of measurement points.

As our 3D scanner is small and mobile, we can scan objects at any location.

The mobile employment of the 3D scanner makes it possible, for example:

  • To measure immobile objects or installations

  • We can scan the interior of larger devices, installations, vehicles or ships

  • Or conduct scans onsite where it is not desirable or possible for the object to leave your premises.

This approach has positive project benefits:

  • The minimum disruption due to downtime

  • The avoidance of logistic effort

  • The reduction in cost

Different projects require different procedures and in this way 3D scanning is no different. The procedure is adjusted to optimise the measurement.