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3D-scan/3D-measurement and reengineering service

A common task is the documentation of existing systems and construction elements.

Many products, over the years, go through many changes that are necessary for various reasons. The updating of the documentation is often neglected.

For instance single construction elements for manufacturing can be delivered without documentation.

Should the contact to the supplier be lost, documentation will be required for the maintenance of the equipment.

Under such circumstances, reengineering allows for the preparation and reproduction of such components.

Reengineering starts with the measurement of the components and assemblies, for which 3D scanning has demonstrated itself to be particularly effective.

Having determined the relevant measurements, we proceed to deriving the construction plans for the system or single components.

To this end we employ CAD/CAM software to generate suitable data record.

For the 3D scanning we employ the Steinbichler Optotechnik system.